Updated SVD File for GR551x 【Resolved】


2021-11-15 22:48:49

While checking the CMSIS pack "Goodix.GR551x.1.0.0.pack" for the GR551x family, I could spot multiple wrong details with the SVD file, for example SADC's base address appears as  0xA000E000, but  FIFO_RD register addressOffset is  0x1B00, which means that the base address should be  0xA000C500 for relative referencing to work correctly, even though the real base address is indeed  0xA000E000. Also there are registers with wrong names like " DPAD_IN_EN" which according to the datasheet should be  DPAD_RE_N, or  DPAD_PULL_TYPE should be  DPAD_RTYPE.

Also there are references in the Datasheet to GPIO 2 which appear nowhere else in the documentation nor the SVD file.

Is there any place where we can get an up to date version of the SVD file (and potentially the whole pack)? Thank you in advance

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2021-11-16 17:13:43

Thank you for your help Kellan, I was only missing some documentation on GPIO2's registers, but I presume they'll be just clones of 0 and 1 with no extra information necessary


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2021-11-16 14:00:56


The "Goodix.GR5515x.1.0.0.pack" is an older version, it includes BLE and MCU part, it will cause compile errors.

We suggest that you don't need to download the CMSIS pack, we have configure it by default in our latest SDK version, the package is in the GR551x_SDK_V1.6.10\toolchain\cmsis\include directory.

You can download the latest SDK from the following address:


About how to use Keil to develop project, we have a document 《GR551x Developer Guide_Rev.2.3》, you can read the chapter 4 for details, you can download the latest 《GR551x Developer Guide_Rev.2.3》 from the following address:

https://product.goodix.com/en/docview/GR551x Developer Guide?objectId=79&objectType=document&version=165

If any problem, please tell us, Thanks.


Best Regards


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