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Interactions and Sharing

The Goodix Developers Community encourages its members to interact and share. We know fairly well that creating excellent contents is not easy. One technical articles or one answer consumes a tremendous amount of time and energy of the creators. When we see innovative ideas, a simple like or comment is the best encouragement and recognition for the creators!

Rules You Should Follow

Please do NOT upload or post any of the following:

1. Content that violates laws and regulations or jeopardizes the safety of the nation or society;

2. Sexually obscene content and information depicts or glorifies violence

3. Content that is false, untruthful or would damage the privacy, reputation or related rights and
benefits of others;

4. Content that might cause harm or damages to users and their property, safety, or information security;

5. Discriminating or hateful comments pertaining to race, nation, tribes, religions, gender, age, geographical
location, sexual orientation, or physical characteristics;

6. Content containing inappropriate words, expressions, personal attacks, or harassments;

7. Plagiarizing or identity-stealing content;

8. Spam information containing a large amount of repeated contents and/or harassing marketing information;

9. Tags, comments, or other content containing information undermining user experience and disrupting the
normal community order

Problems You May Encounter:

If you are unable to load images or articles when asking/answering a question or drafting a technical articles post, please try the following:

1. If you are browsing from your PC, please try to use a different browser and log in again.

2. For mobile device access, please re-launch the browser and log in again or switch between 4G/ Wi-Fi connections.

If you are still unable to load the images or articles after performing the previous operations, please post your question at Discussion & Sharing.

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