TFA9879 help switching from 48kHz to 36kHz


2022-01-24 23:54

(Originally posted to NXP Community Forums, but they told me I should ask here.)

Hi, I am using the TFA9879 to drive I2S audio to a speaker. I have a 48kHz recording outputting properly when I2S_FS is set to 1000 (48kHz setting), and am using Serial Interface Control 2.However, I want to save space on audio on my device, so I want to transition to 32kHz recordings. I have a test recorded at 32 kHz, and switched the I2S_FS to 0110 (32kHz setting). When it is played back it is sped up.Here is an image of the I2S master settings, which has a frame rate of ~32kHz, and should be setting LRCK2 to 32* SCK2 (LRCK is my WS, SCK is SCK).

I believe these settings are all correct, but I continue to get sped up audio. I have read from the TFA and verified that my settings were being applied.What are the steps for outputting a frequency (32kHz) other than the default (48kHz), besides changing I2S_FS and my source clock?Please advise!

Edit: A bit of extra info, the 48kHz audio works at 48kHz I2S_FS, and seemed okay(?) at 32kHz I2S_FS as well, then at 24kHz I2S_FS and under no more audio would play (assuming because I have protections enabled).

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Goodix Administrator

Community Administrator
2022-01-25 12:20

Hi, we are very sorry, but this community only supports Wireless Connectivity, Wearable Sensors. For amplifiers product services, please contact your vendor. Thanks!



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