GT911 Power Consumption in Doze Mode (Gesture Mode)


2022-03-03 04:56

When our battery powered product goes into Sleep Mode, we still need to be able to detect a touch in order to wake up. It looks like the lowest power mode for the GT911 touch controller IC, while still being able to detect a touch, is called “Doze Mode” (maybe called Gesture Mode too?). Doze Mode has a current draw of 0.780mA (page 20). That’s pretty high for a battery-operated device in low power mode, targeting an ~1mA total current draw. We don’t need double-tap, multitouch, swiping or even knowing the coordinate of the touch since we throw away the wakeup touch anyway. One thing I’ve seen on other touch controllers is the ability to adjust the ‘acquisition rate’ and the number of touches it is capable of detecting while in low power modes. Turning down these settings can help save more power when we are in our Sleep Mode. Does the GT911 provide any such option to further reduce the Doze Mode current?

In the GT911 programming guide, I found register 0x8056 and 0x8077, which might be what we’re looking for. They suggest that the Refresh Rate can be adjusted while in Gesture Mode. Is there any documentation on these registers (or any other applicable registers) and how it potentially affects responsiveness and power consumption while in Doze Mode?

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Goodix Administrator

Community Administrator
2022-03-07 10:25

Hi, we are very sorry, but this community only supports Wireless Connectivity, Wearable Sensors. For Touch controller services, please contact your vendor. Thanks!



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