GT911 I2C SDA lockup


2021-07-06 02:08:22

In an open-source project for R/C transmitters, EdgeTX https://github.com/EdgeTX/edgetx , we are having a problem integrating robustly touch functionality with GT911 chip. We experience random I2C lockup.

Although, most of the time the touch detection with GT911 chip works fine, sometimes we experience I2C lockup, where GT911 pulls SDA line low and does not release it unless clocked on SCL lines multiple times. This can happen after couple of seconds of touch-screen tapping, but typically this error situation comes up after a much longer time period.

The configuration we have been using can be seen here:

Is there an error in the configuration?

Is the I2C lockup a known issue with a specific firmware version? Do you have suggestions how to remedy it?

Should we try to update GT911 to latest firmware - and if so, where to get the firmware binary?

Thank you!

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Goodix Administrator

2021-07-19 12:25:31

Hi,it is very sorry that this community does't provide Touch support,we suggest you contact the vendor of your device to get support.  Thank you.       


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