GT911 Complete programming guide


2022-02-12 02:00:22

Dear Goodix masters,

I am looking for the complete programming guide of the Goodix gt911 chip. The firmware of my chip is 0x1696. In the present manual, register address 0x8000 and so many others are not present. Is it confidential or can it be found on the net? To be specific, I'm not looking for code, but the pure reference manual!

Sincerely yours.

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Goodix Administrator

2022-02-14 17:43:04

Hi, we are very sorry, but this community only supports Wireless Connectivity, Wearable Sensors. For Touch controller services, please contact your vendor. Thanks!      


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2022-04-15 02:00:23

      Dear Goodix Administrator

Where should I ask about this chip? I am sorry but buying Chinese products with no or limited documentation leads me to think that the Chinese are not going to sell goods anymore to the world or they only want money without any sort of support. Here is the goodix forum.       

I am comparing this weak forum with those strong of ST and TI Companies. I should add that I should not have even yet asked for this documentation. The company should have been provided this documentation in advance in full before we request it. I have mailed the company but no response is taken. Change our minds or we will not be going to buy Chinese products anymore.       


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