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2021-11-11 08:36:57

Where can I find technical documentation about the GR5515I0ND SOC? The SDK documentation barely treats that SOC, and Keil packages don't seem to support the I0ND version. In particular I need to know how is the External Flash mapped into the memory map, since I can't find any mention about it. The documentation only mentions the 1MB packages, but the I0ND does not have any internal flash.

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2021-11-12 09:59:07


Thanks for your advice! sorry about that the documents not cover your situation, we will fix it later, thanks.

1. The internal flash is a SiP flash, it's connected to the QSPI interface, so the external flash is the same as internal flash.

2. About the selection of flash advice, we recommend you to reference GR5515I0ND Flash Selection Guide.

3. About the  external flash map, it use the same space used by internal flash, but it can only support up to 8MB space, 0x0100 0000~0x017F FFFF, total in 8MB, if the flash size is bigger than 8MB, the flash address can not in directly access way , if you have requirements, we can provide method to access.

4. About the Keil packages, we don't upload it to the Keil standard packages, you can use the ARM Cortex M4 package, as follow picture show, about the flash algorithm you can use GR551x_8MB_Flash.FLM,it's in GR551x_SDK_V1.6.10\build\binaries\download_algorithm\Keil, you need to copy it to the Keilv5/ARM/Flash directory,it can support all the GR551x series.


If any question, please contact us, thanks for using our product.


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2021-11-15 22:40:05

Thank you very much for your answer, I finally managed to figure it out after connecting it to GProgrammer, but the information you provided is really valuable, so thank you :)


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