Designing with TFA9879HN/N1,157


2022-06-15 18:38

Hello Team,
I am designing an audio output system for one of my projects.
1), I2S is the preferred audio interface with the master controller
The audio data stored in the flash memory of the controller will be transferred to the audio amplifier via the I2S interface
2), Volume control
3), The selected speaker is SP-2003-7Frequency range - 300 Hz ~ 8 kHz impedance - 8 OhmsPower rated - 800mWPower Max - 1W
Is TFA9879HN/N1,157 the best choice for my application?.
I believe the TFA9879HN/N1,157 supports I2S also.
Please correct me if I am wrong. It is 2*I2S in TFA9879HN/N1,157.
I am planning to use one of these I2S to connect to the controller.
I also need a microphone for the project.
The microphone has an I2S interface, can I connect the I2S of the microphone to the 2nd I2S of the TFA9879HN/N1,157.
The microphone is used to digitize the voice and sometimes to measure the noise level within the systems.
4), The device is a battery-operated one, so the preferred working voltage is in the range of 3V - 4.2V.
5), Audio Amplifier.

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Goodix Administrator

Community Administrator
2022-06-22 18:03

Hi, it's very sorry that this community does't provide Audio Amplifier support, Please contact your vendor or for more information. Thanks!



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