GT5668 and GT911 Touch driver for Linux/Android


2020-05-23 03:07:33

Hello, we are developing one smart phone with Qualcomm MSM8953 processor. We received from China supliers Amelin and ChinaSunnie.samples for evaluate, but their use GT5668 and GT911 touch. 

We received the samples and we are trying to bring up the LCD. For now we are having some problems, and we do like to know, if are initial drivers for GT5668 and GT911. 

We are trying to config the actual driver that Qualcomm provide for GT5668, but we don´t have sucess. Can you help us for bring up these touch screen?

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Goodix Administrator

2020-05-31 12:25:17

Hi cyoshino,it is very sorry that this community does't provide the touch drivers,we suggest you contact the vendor of your device to get support. 

There is a link on Github for your reference. Thank you.          

Reference link: https://github.com/goodix  


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