GT911 - 40 points Offset on X asix


2020-06-13 18:39:10
I'm using an 5" display (X= 480, Y = 272 ) with GT911 on board. The PID version is 0x1060.
I have a problem because X asix has always a 40 points of offset.
If I swap both asix ( X -> Y) the problem on X disappeare, but it appearson Y asix.
For solve this problem, I must fake the X dimension to 520 points when I transfer the new configuration to GT911. What's The result? I removed Offset on X, but sometimes it read wrong data.

Is it possibile to have a more detailed datasheet to understand how all parameter works?
I.E. = how does Stretch_R0 , Stretch_R1 , Stretch_R2 , Stretch_RM works? Are they involved with space (top/bottom/left/right) parameters? There are some parameter that manage the Axis offset?

If someboy want/can help me, plese write to me at: pastrellomarco@virgilio.it
Thanks a lot

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Goodix Administrator

2020-07-02 11:52:08

Hi,it is very sorry that this community does't provide the touch support,we suggest you contact the vendor of your device to get support. There is a link on Github for your reference. Thank you.         

Reference link: https://github.com/goodix    


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