Looking for permission to distribute Goodix touchscreen controller firmware in linux-firmware


2021-06-22 21:48:13


I'm a Linux kernel engineer. As a side project I've lately been working on improving support for Intel Bay Trail, Cherry Trail and Apollo Lake based devices. Many of these devices contain a Goodix GT9xx touchscreen controller.

In most cases the Goodix touchscreen-controller just works with the Linux driver for GT9xx controllers. But on some devices with a GT912 controller the Linux driver needs to upload the firmware for the controller to the controller. I've recently added support to Linux for uploading the firmware:


In order to allow Arch Linux, Fedora, Ubuntu or Steam OS to work out of the box on devices with a GT912 which needs the firmware to be uploaded, without users needing to manually find and install the firmware file I would like to add these files to the linux-firmware repository where the Linux community collects firmware files for various devices:


All files in this repo need to have a specific license attached to them, I would like to use the MIT license for this, which is a very simple license simply stating that distributing these files is allowed:


Can I have your permission to add the firmware files which need to be uploaded to the GT912 controller on some devices to the linux-firmware repository under the MIT license? To be clear I'm talking about the 32768 bytes / 4 sections of the "main" firmware which needs to be uploaded to SRAM bank 0 + 1 as well as about the 4096 bytes of DSP firmware which needs to be uploaded to SRAM bank 2 and also the 228 bytes of config data.



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Goodix Administrator

2021-06-24 09:42:52

Hi,it is very sorry that this community does't provide Touch support,we suggest you contact the vendor of your device to get support.  Thank you.       


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