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dualSPI and SPI GR551x


2023-07-25 20:07

hello Goodix!

due to a lot of peripherals, we cannot use separate pins for each device. In this regard, it was decided to check the operability of the option of connecting 2 devices to the chip in the following way:

99% of the time the device will work with the display via dual SPI, but for login and some other operations it will be necessary to reconfigure the chip to work via SPI with a fingerprint sensor.

in the example from SDK I saw that it can work (GR551x_SDK_V1.7.0\projects\peripheral_app\spi\app_spi_rtos). But I would like to double check with you that I am not mistaken (?)

To repeat the idea, I will reconfigure the pins from the picture above at the right time for me to work with the display via dualSPI or for fingerprint via SPI

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Goodix Employee
2023-07-26 10:54


1. SPI: GOIO16(MISO), GPIO24(CLK), GPIO25(MOSI), GPIO31(CS) is OK, in fact GPIO17 can be used as CS too.

2. QSPI: GPIO17 can only be SPI_CS, can not be QSPI_CS, you can use GPIO18 or AON_GPIO1 for QSPI0_CS.

3. On the other hand, both SPI and QSPI can no CS, but in this case, the slave device SPI/QSPI is active all the time, the power consumption is high.



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